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Solid elements for incompressible constitutive laws

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This branch adds a new family of solid elements and constitutive laws based on a displacement/pressure (u/p-c) formulation.

  • hexahedron8upc
  • hexahedron20upc
  • hexahedron20upcr
  • pentahedron15upc
  • tetrahedron10upc

Those elements are preferred for Poisson ratios within 0.48 < nu <= 0.5.

Right now, the following constitutive laws are supported:

  • incompressible linear elastic isotropic
  • incompressible mooney rivlin elastic
  • incompressible bilinear isotropic hardening

The following pictures are showing the maximum principal stress of a plain strain example from Klaus Jürgen Bathe with almost incompressible material. Those results were obtained with linear eight node hexahedral elements.

hexahedron8: iso8_nu_05_discont_iso_16x_8bands hexahedron8upc: iso8upc_nu_05_discont_iso_16x_8bands

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