Commit 932e1a00 authored by Andrea Zanoni's avatar Andrea Zanoni
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Fix for numpy check, for Python3 compatibility

parent aa68b408
......@@ -771,7 +771,7 @@ if test "$ol_enable_python" != no ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([python needs swig])
if test "$ol_enable_python" = yes ; then
PYTHON_NUMPY_HEADERS=`$PYTHON -c "import numpy; print numpy.get_include()" 2>/dev/null`
PYTHON_NUMPY_HEADERS=`$PYTHON -c "from __future__ import print_function; import numpy; print(\"{}\".format(numpy.get_include()))" 2>/dev/null`
if test x"$PYTHON_NUMPY_HEADERS" = x ; then
AC_MSG_ERROR([python needs numpy - including its development packages])
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